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Unassumingly, Bryan leads by example. His own desire for for profound understanding and mastery within his discipline is plainly apparent to anyone who hears him lecture. Such a desire sees him not only reading the most up-to-date, high-impact publications, but scouring the recesses of databases for archaic and obscure journal articles, while—in parallel—paging through multiple textbooks nominally covering the same “basic” material. He makes an unceasing effort to ever-increase his panorama and resolution.

Through his instruction, Bryan presents a methodical route of looking through cause and effect, breaking down complex biochemical and physiological phenomena into their component parts and tracing through how they become amplified through the various tiers of biological organization. In this way, an invaluable clarity is brought forward from the subject matter.
— Louis R. Sarry, MA, MS, LDN, CNS
Bryan’s talent as a teacher is shown in this Metabolic Fitness Biochemistry Course. As an undergraduate and postgraduate student, biochemistry was a module that felt somewhat tedious and hard to grasp at times. Nevertheless, Bryan has the ability to turn biochemistry into an easy to understand process and interesting topic. This course gets my highest recommendation.
— Jamie Rowan | Exercise and Nutrition Consultant
For me, you are the first person that has lectured and delivered an outwardly very complex subject in a smooth, logical and easy learning manner; For the first time in 20 years I have a “thirst” for cellular physiology. Valuing my education, I wouldn’t waste time and money just to show continued professional development to my regulatory board. I can honestly say you have enriched my database and the way I view wellness and physical dysfunction. For anyone considering attending your seminars or enrolling on your online courses the only mistake they’ll make is that they don’t do it!
— Gareth Wright | MISCP BSc (Hons) MSc, Chartered Physiotherapist
I’m just getting into the modules and they are AWESOME. This is the first time I’m actually getting all these energy cycles and I’ve done a few trainings before. So thank you.
— T.A
I love the Metabolic Fitness course! Thank you! I purchased the entire course after I signed up for the trial because I want to fully understand how the body works. You are an excellent teacher. It is wonderful to be able to watch the presentations several times. I need repetition. This is not review for me. Maybe I started going too fast out of enthusiasm, so I’m now slowing down and looking at my fabulous Complete Anatomy app, among other supplemental materials. I was easing along and then, BOOM, Protein III humbled me. I am not a health care provider, I’m a curious person, in all senses of the word, learning about health.
— P.K
The Metabolic Fitness Biochemistry Module presented by Dr. Bryan Walsh is a must for those who want to understand the complexity of Biochemistry and be able to explain and provide a scientific approach to optimal health with each and every client. Dr. Walsh does a fantastic job of explaining very complicated systems in a way that can be easily understood. He makes the course fun, interactive and wanting to learn more.
— Anne Dobbertin | Manager, Health and Wellness
Dude you’re a beast!! Just getting into the metabolic fitness class and absolutely love it. Just finished module 1. Thanks so much for making this, you definitely have a teaching gift and dominate on the white board lol.
— C.D
I’ve followed Bryan’s work and educational offerings for some years and the only critique I’ve ever had is that there hasn’t been enough of it! With a 15-year career in the health, fitness and nutrition industry I’ve studied on many courses and have been fortunate enough to be educated by some great experts and speakers; but in my humble opinion Bryan deserves a category all of his own- he has simply found the perfect formula to deliver training within health and nutrition that is of the very highest quality
— Richard Scrivener | Health, Fitness and Nutrition Professional
This is the course I had when I started in the industry seven years ago. What is usually very dry and intimidating material hidden in gigantic biochemistry textbooks has been transformed to life in Metabolic Fitness. Bryan cuts through the irrelevant information as he weaves a seamless tale of human physiology, from the molecular level right up to the food you put in your mouth.

Armed with the knowledge laid out in Metabolic Fitness, health and fitness professionals will be much better prepared to filter out the fallacies and misinformation so abundant in the industry today. The level of detail also makes it possible for fitness professional to communicate much more clearly and effectively with medical professionals. At less than the price of a typical one day certification, you would be crazy not to make this your next step in further education.
— Brad Turner | Fitness Professional
Your teaching style is excellent. The way you constantly go back and review is helpful. And your ability to keep it all in the context of nutrition makes the material more compelling.
Thanks for putting these videos together.
— W.C
I highly recommend Bryan Walsh’s Functional Biochemistry Course. I believe every health care practitioner should take this course in order to better understand biochemistry and the function of the human body. The manner in which this course is broken down into 15-30 minute modules is very user friendly, and makes the information easy to understand. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, and look forward to Level 2 – Functional Physiology. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge in such an enjoyable format.
— Holly Knudson, FDN, CMTA
Man you are an icon, born leader, leading people who are helping other people, you and your mission literally touch millions of lives.
— T.A
Many instructors and teachers are satisfied with lecturing about a subject. Dr. Walsh teaches. He is a very gifted teacher that can take complex concepts and make them easy to understand. At the end of his courses, you really understand, at a foundational level, the essence of the subject matter. And that is worth gold.
— Wendy Morley, RHN | Sports Concussion Nutrition Specialist
I have been working as a nutritionist for over 6 years now, and one thing that has always been missing for me through all of my education, even back to my degree over 10 years ago, has been the ability for someone to teach me biochemistry and physiology in an easy to understand manner. As a more audiovisual leaner understanding biochemistry and physiology through textbooks has been a challenge over the years, but Metabolic Fitness changed that.
Metabolic Fitness is a must do course for any nutritionist or exercise professional looking to understand fully the recommendations they are making, and the biochemical implications of the suggestions they make. I am extremely grateful for the time that has gone into this course and could not recommend it more highly.
— Steve Grant | Nutritionist, London UK
Finally, i just wanted to say again how much im enjoying the L1 Biochemistry course for MFP - I’ve been able to pick up again on my studies these past couple weeks, and every lecture/module is highly informative and very well presented. I thought i was reasonably well informed when it came to nutrition, but the level of information and knowledge i now know exists has been hugely humbling! And if you don’t mind me saying Bryan, it is truly unbelievable to see just how much of the information you teach is right up there in your head! I know this is your career and you’ve dedicated many years to studying this but its still astounding how you seem to have every detail locked away upstairs! I can’t wait for L2 and to follow more of your courses/teachings in the future.
— R.S
I’m a health & body composition coach based in Sydney, Australia. I am also a big fan and student of your “fat is not your fault” online course and I would first like to say Thank you for putting out such amazing info. It’s because of this particular programs I have labeled my self a health and body composition coach and also been able to help lots of my clients out when diet and training has helped them out in the past!!
— M.M.